How ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Brings The Book’s Fashions To Life

How ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Brings The Book’s Fashions To Life

Eleanor wore a regal, embellished gown by Elie Saab. “I love that she’s in this dreamy blue dress and she feels and looks fabulous and then she runs up against Eleanor, who’s also in a blue dress, but Eleanor’s is a little more regal, stiffer fabric,” Vogt said, noting that Rachel “blows her away.”


Rachel makes an entrance at the wedding. The men, many of whom wore custom suiting by local tailors, didn’t look so shabby themselves:


The men of the “Crazy Rich Asians” during the wedding of Araminta and Colin. Vogt said Chu wanted the dress to be a little more fun than it was in the book to complement the way Mizuno played the character. “It’s actually kind of a hard dress to be graceful in, particularly when you’re walking through water, but she really pulled it off.”


Araminta and Colin standing at their extravagant altar. With the help of Peik Lin and Oliver, Rachel gets her very own Cinderella moment, complete with a flowing blue gown and sparkling tiara. “If it wasn’t custom-made, it would be couture, and she would never have the designer’s name on her clothes. “They were very joyful in their acquisition of things that had the designers’ names on it. She has endured Eleanor’s mind games (and a disturbing prank at the hands of a few of Araminta’s girlfriends) long enough and is ready to throw in the towel. “The entire aisle was flooded with water, and she walked through the water like she was walking through air. Vogt told Fashionista the dress was a nod to the fact that Rachel, proverbially speaking, wasn’t in Kansas anymore. RELATED COVERAGE She doesn’t, though. 2018 WARNER BROS ENTERTAINMENT INC

This sparkly silver dress, featured in the makeover scene, was by Michael Kors. They’re a really fun family. Rachel ultimately lands on an airy, light blue tulle gown by Marchesa. “Crazy Rich Asians” has something for everyone. Then, of course, there’s Rachel Chu, the film’s leading lady. “I really went by the actor and what was right for them in Kevin’s world,” Vogt said. 2018 WARNER BROS ENTERTAINMENT INC

Rachel invades her friend Peik Lin’s closet before she meets her boyfriend Nick’s parents. “When you have another designer in the area, they add their own little members of expertise to it, so I think the dress came out a lot better with him doing it,” Vogt said, noting that Mizuno ― who also happens to be a dancer ― wore it absolutely beautifully. “Eleanor would never in a million years wear anything that has a lot of gold in it.”
Peik Lin (Awkwafina), on the other hand, is “really happy, she likes her money and she likes dressing up and she’s having a great time,” Vogt added. Chu was very specific about what he pictured for Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh), the stylish mother of Nick Young (Henry Golding). In the scene, Rachel is wearing a bright red dress with short sleeves by Mouse Rat. And her wardrobe is a major giveaway. Take a look at more of the movie’s fashion moments below ― and check out the “Crazy Rich Asians” in theaters to see the opulence on screen. When we first see her, she’s dressed in a simple-yet-stylish outfit, complete with a trendy choker, which Vogt said was meant to give her a little bit of an edge. But first comes the quintessential makeover scene, which featured a number of gorgeous gowns, including another disco-inspired dress ― this time a silvery number by Michael Kors ― and a whimsical Dior dress that was very hands-on. Instead, she prepares to beat Eleanor at her own game. The old money families are much more subtle and sophisticated in their approach to dressing than the new money family, Vogt said. WARNER BROS ENTERTAINMENT INC

Rachel in the Cinderella-esque Marchesa gown at Colin and Araminta’s wedding. Her wedding gown, a farr cry from the classically stylish Spot dress described in the book, consists of a golden crystal-encrusted jumpsuit with a voluminous ruffled skirt that was custom-made for the film. A talented, all-Asian cast, beautifully extravagant scenery, plenty of food porn ― and of course, some stunning (and no doubt, expensive) fashion. But Peik Lin quickly assures her the look is all wrong and proceeds to lend her a disco-glam striped In dress (seen below). Vogt designed the gown and had it made by Carven Ong, a Malaysia-based bridal and couture designer. When she walks into the wedding, heads turn in her direction. 2018 WARNER BROS ENTERTAINMENT INC

Oliver T’sien (Nico Santos) and Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh) at the wedding of Araminta Lee and Colin Khoo. When Rachel first meets up with Peik Lin, she’s dressed in a bright red dress (pictured above) and protection to wear to meet Nick’s family. The book by Kevin Kwan on which the movie is based is full of high fashion reference, from Yves Saint Laurent to the Antwerp Six, so naturally, we couldn’t wait to see all the clothes come to life on the big screen. Throughout the film, Eleanor is seen in a number of stunning looks, including the embellished blue Elie Saab dress she wears to the wedding of Araminta Lee (Sonoya Mizuno) and Colin Khoo (Chris Pang), but nothing is ever over the top. “She would never wear such edgy clothes in Singapore because she’s kind of off her game there.”
When Rachel is thrust into the crazy rich world her boyfriend grew up in, it becomes clear to her that she’s not like the rest of the people she’s surrounded by. The most breathtaking fashion moment in the film comes courtesy of Araminta, right before she walks down the water-flooded aisle. [Chu] was very specific about that; that was more of a new money thing that people did.”
And speaking of a new money family ― in this case, the Gohs ― their wardrobe was what some might call extra, filled with bold patterns and plenty of visual interest. 2018 WARNER BROS ENTERTAINMENT INC

Peik Lin, played by Awkwafina, wearing a silk pajama-inspired ensemble by Stella McCartney. If you ask us, it’s worth it just for the clothes. I did a lot of Versace on say because Versace is very bold and playful and it’s got a lot of gold in it,” Vogt said. “If she wore Armani, it would be Armani Privé, and if it were Yves Saint Laurent, it would be the old Yves Saint Laurent,” Vogt said, noting that Eleanor is the type of person who had probably never set foot in an average department store. She went from a monochromatic palette to the “sensory-overload with fierce colors and over-the-top personas.”


Peik Link, Oliver and Rachel, in her In dress, at one of the many parties in the movie. She’s just so graceful,” Vogt said. Throughout the film, Rachel’s wardrobe evolves with time. Warning: Spoilers for “Crazy Rich Asians” below! Rachel’s the next transformation comes before Araminta and Colin’s wedding, aka the wedding of the year. 2018 WARNER BROS ENTERTAINMENT INC

The custom gown worn by Araminta for her wedding. “Even though she’s a professor, she wants to look good on a modest budget,” Vogt said. Vogt also said director John M. The movie’s costume designer, Mary Vogt, told HuffPost that she discussed the characters with Kwan and thought with him to determine a list of designers each character would and wouldn’t wear, whether it be eu designer or custom-made clothing.

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